Empowering women in South and central Asia


    Help us build educational program on entrepreneurship for girls in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, including South Central Asia (Afghanistan)


    Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy wants to support and empower women in developing countries by providing them

    opportunity to learn from the best entrepreneurs and business mentors from the USA and globally.


    We believe that women in every country should have equal opportunities and access to education.

    It is critically important in the moments of economic and political crisis, worsened by the Covid-19 global pandemic

    to empower girls and women-entrepreneurs in developing countries.


    The current political / military crisis in Afghanistan is a disruption to school attendance may further worsen the ongoing learning crisis in the region. Today countries of South and Central Asia face a number of challenges in providing a quality education for girls.


    Women in rural areas of Central Asia and South Central Asia still have limited access to education, due to a number of factors:


    - Poor economy in the regions leading to lack of educational resources and learning opportunities for women.

    - Early marriages and misconceptions around education for women,

    perpetuated by long-held cultural and religious beliefs that often prevent girls from getting education,

    - A shortage of teachers and female teachers limits learning opportunities for girls

    (some families don't allow men-teachers to teach their daughters).


    The educational curriculum we are planning to develop will aim to increase of women-run businesses in South and Central Asia's rural communities. The online format of educational programs and their availability in local languages via any mobile device will maximize the reach. We plan to partner with local institutions in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan to provide access to our educational programs to maximum amount of girls and women in these regions.


    With your support we plan to teach girls and women key business and entrepreneurship skills,

    accelerate and provide access to networks and resources for women-founded businesses.


    In the course of this 1 year program we plan to develop and translate to local languages

    our curriculum on entrepreneurship for girls that will cover the following topics:


    - How to build your startup

    - How to found your business

    - Basics of economy and financial literacy

    - Entrepreneurship and leadership

    - Soft skills (presentations, business communication)

    - Internet literacy, Online marketing and blogging

    - Fundraising strategies / grant and proposal writing



    Providing quality education and training trainings is a first step toward empowering women entrepreneurs.

    In order to truly achieve transformative effect, educational and training programs need to become a consistent effort.

    And with your support Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy is committed to help provide opportunities for a better future for these women and girls.


    After achieving our initial goal of raising 150 000$ for building and developing educational curriculum, by engaging with the best

    mentors and educators from Silicon Valley and beyond, we plan to work with local translators and tutors to adopt our curriculum to specifics of local cultures and partner with local schools and international development organizations to provide access to our online platforms to as many women as possible.


    Consider making a donation to support our program today. Even a small investment can make a great impact:


    $100 can provide 1 girl with a year of online education program

    $200 can provide 2 girls with a year of education program

    $500 can provide 5 girls with a year of education program

    $1000 can provide 10 girls with a year of education program