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    We help leaders build innovative businesses, grow, and scale globally.



    What we do:


    Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy is a boutique innovation lab that helps global entrepreneurs and executives to build innovative products and businesses.


    We connect you with top innovation experts, business mentors and investors across different industries and technology verticals to help you innovate better, faster and bigger scale. 



    who can benefit :


    • Innovation oriented corporate leaders - interested to learn about innovation trends, tailor their innovation strategy and drive innovation into their organization.  

    • Startup founders, building high tech innovative products seeking to raise capital to grow and scale. 

  • Hear our updates for 2021 from our CEO & Founder Tatiana Indina



    • Learn about latest disruptive technology trends
    • Discover the opportunities they bring for your business
    • Get connected with the best Silicon Valley experts,
    • Get innovative insights by interacting with entrepreneurs and peers from disruptive companies.
    • Accelerate your innovation journey by connecting with potential strategic partners and technology players. 

    Get Unique Knowledge & Insights, Learn from Silicon Valley insiders.

    Explore the latest innovation trends with digitally native companies and connect with aspiring “unicorns”.

    Build new connections and partnerships.

    Unlock potential partnership opportunities with Silicon Valley mentors, investors and startups.

    Adopt new practical instruments, cases, best practices.

    Get equipped with best practices, strategies and tools.

    Get inspired by powerful ideas and strategic insights on technology and innovation.

    Get Inspiration, innovative mindset

    ​Supercharge your innovation agenda and create long-term fruitful relations with Silicon Valley.

    Accelerate your company’s innovative transformation.



    Book a CUSTOM Innovation Discovery Tour for your team

    Visit Silicon Valley, meet top disruptive startups in your industry, learn about innovation trends to get future-ready.

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  • FOR Innovative STARTUPS Looking for funding:

    If you are a disruptive startup building innovative technology and currently looking for funding -

    Join our weekly Startup-Investor Pitch Lunch and pitch your startup to top Silicon Valley investors.



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    Pitch Silicon Valley investors online and get funded! 



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