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If you are an expert in a particular field (Innovation, Management, Business modeling, Finance, Investment, Marketing, Product Development & Design, Organizational Strategy & International Consulting) and wish to teach courses online or consult companies online,  

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Consulting and training services for innovative leaders & entrepreneurs:

Innovative thinking

Genius insights and creative ideas can be generated by anyone.  In this workshop, you will learn the instruments and techniques that will help you unleash your creative potential and generate creative and innovative ideas for your business.      


Startups Going Global

Globalization leaves leaders no choice but to develop strategies for success in the global market. Local solutions and models are not always scalable.  This workshop will give you a broader vision of what your company/business should be in order to compete in the global arena, and you will learn the key skills and competences important for global leaders.


EQ for IT

Emotional Intelligence is a key predictor of life and career success, and the ingredient that makes you a great boss, colleague, friend, partner. Things we know about emotions at work are sometimes not enough to establish a productive relationship with those important ones. Improve your EQ level in just one day visiting this seminar.

Motivation unpowered

Motivation is a fuel of your success in life and business. Sometimes finding the right motivation can be hard, especially after a failure.  Come to this very useful workshop to empower your motivation, and to learn how to motivate others.


Women's Leadership

What does it take to be both a woman and a leader, manager, or boss?  What are the challenges and unique opportunities, the important skills and strategies that effective women leaders today need to have  in order to succeed in what has been traditionally viewed as a   man’s world?  Come, learn and share your experiences with other women leaders and entrepreneurs!

 Startup Dream Team

Your team is a key factor of your startup success. A motivated, productive, and united team can reach incredible and outstanding results.  Learn how to improve your team performance and engagement, to develop successful communication, and to build a real dream team!    

Mastering your startup pitch

The first 30 seconds of your pitch are critically important for attracting investors attention, getting them interested, and making the right impression.  Attend this workshop to help refine  your startup/project pitch into the best you can make for your startup/project.  In the course of this workshop, you will get a professional evaluation of your pitching strategy and get feedback for improvement.

Doing business with...

To develop successful international partnerships, you need to be aware of all the risks and opportunities of doing business in a new country.  This seminar will focus on the cultural & economic specifics of your chosen jurisdiction, in order to arm you with necessary knowledge and practical advice on how to do business with ...

Negotiating with investors

Investors are humans too, but can be tricky to negotiate with.  In this workshop, you will learn secret tips about the psychology of investors, and how to master keen negotiation techniques.  You'll be better able to engage, convince, and influence when negotiating with investors, and you’ll be prepared to win.

Power Presentation

Presentation and public speaking are two of the most stressful and responsible business activities.  Learn how to make your presentations exceptional, outstanding and memorable events, while making it an enjoyable creative activity for you as well.


Doing Business With Russia

Since election of Donald Trump as the next US President, Russian agenda has became popular again. At this workshop you will learn what it takes - to be successful negotiator, businessmen, investor, or entrepreneur in Russia and how to do business with Russians. 

Team Decision-Making

Finding an ideal solution can be difficult, especially when team members have different visions, backgrounds and roles. The techniques and instruments that you'll learn in this workshop will help you to engage the creative potential of each team member to produce effective powerful decisions and strategies in any situation.

Networking Advanced

While learning by doing, we often use automatic or spontaneous networking patterns, but they do not always produce the best results.  Attend this workshop to check out your networking blind spots, sharpen your networking skills and improve them to an advanced level. That’s when things will start to really get going.

Cross-cultural communication

To succeed in today's global context, leaders have to build successful relationships and interact with people from different cultures and continents in a positive way.  Improve your cross-cultural competence, in order to learn to embrace diversity and and to become a truly global leader, and to enjoy the most productive collaboration possible with your colleagues & partners.

Building CEO's reputation

A CEO's reputation is critical to establishing confidence in leadership in the business arena.  Developing a recognizable and reliable brand and reputation will help you gain the trust of your partners, clients, and employers.  The Internet & social media bring new reputation challenges for today's leaders.  In this workshop, you will learn practical tips and proven strategies for building a unique brand and business reputation, both online and offline.

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