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    mEET 5-10 crypto / NFT startups in 1 day



    Miami is a rapidly growing innovative tech hub for crypto and NFT. Miami's emerging tech ecosystem attracts thousands of crypto / NFT / Web 3 startup founders from all over the world.


    If you are an investor or a corporate partner looking to learn about new trends in Blockchain / Fintech / Crypto / NFT / Web3 or to invest in crypto/NFT startups - this program is designed for you.


    Crypto / NFT Startup Roadshow is a custom organized on-demand program for business leaders and delegations, visiting Miami and looking to meet local startup companies building innovative services and solutions on the blockchain with applications for different industries.


    In the course of this `1-Day program, you will visit 5 Crypto / NFT / Web3 startups (based on your interests). You will meet their founders, learn about innovative products, services, applications as well as present your investment/business interests.


    You will learn about new market trends and disruptive companies in your industry, learn about emerging trends in blockchain innovation and adoption, meet your potential partners, get access to high-quality startups, establish relationships with local partners and get a unique insider perspective about crypto/Web3/NFT trends.


    If you are planning your visit to Miami and would like to book this program please keep in mind that takes 2+ weeks to design and organize your custom program, do the outreach to targeted companies, and schedule meetings.


    Please make sure to reach out to us in advance and provide all needed information about your group and your business interests, so we could put together the most relevant and useful program for you.


    If you are interested to book a custom business program for your delegation -

    please send us a message via What's app / Telegram: +1 (305) 339 30 89


    This Program is only for groups (Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Offices, Corporate Venture Funds, Corporate Innovation Divisions). This program can also be delivered in online format (zoom meetings).


    The cost of the program will depend on the number of people in your group, your dates, the number of startups in your roadshow, logistical costs, and additional events in your program.

    On average the cost of the 1-Day Program starts from $15K and up for the group.


    This program is brought to you by Indina-Consulting and Mission2Mars Academy.

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    Meet top disruptive startups in your industry, learn about the trends and discover investment opportunities.