• Series A Founders

    peer-to-Peer Board

    ONLINE via zoom

    Expand your inner circle and build relationships with some of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs





    - It is an exclusive community and a high-value network of successful tech founders

    - An opportunity to accelerate your business and professional growth

    - A confidential space to share and get support

    - A place to find answers and solutions, share your stories and learn from each other

    - Unique insights, motivation, and inspiration

    - Honest feedback from fellow founders

    - Shared vision, aligned values


    1) You will be invited to join a P2P board if you qualify (groups are formed based on company stage, and company profile (members companies can't be competitors to each other), founder's values and expectations.


    2) The membership fee is $1K per founder monthly (includes 4 online peer-to-peer meetings).


    3) Each peer-to-peer Board consists of 10 members


    4) Members gather for 2-hour online zoom meetings on a bi-weekly basis.


    5) In-person Board gatherings are organized quarterly.


    6) All Board discussions are off the record and strictly confidential.


    7) Questions that members are willing to discuss to be submitted to a group facilitator beforehand.


    8) All members comply with the Board's ethical code, rules, and standards.


    9) Each Board also has an online chat ( in What's app, Telegram)


    10) Members are also invited to attend additional events: workshops, masterclasses, coaching sessions etc.


    As a next step we will get in touch with you after you submit your application (see the form below)


  • Previous Participants:




    Tatiana Indina, PhD.

    - International business consultant and leadership coach (15+ years of experience advising Fortune 500 executives, startups, entrepreneurs, and governmental leaders in Europe, Asia, USA);
    - Fulbright Scholar (Wilson Center, Washington DC);
    - Harvard University (Berkman Center) Scholar;
    - Ph.D. in Psychology (leadership and decision making) 
    - International awards in psychological science research and technology policy research;
    - Speaker at global business forums, including Davos World Economic Forum, the Ditchley Foundation, United Nations;
    - 15+ years of expertise in global and international markets (consulting global leaders, facilitating cross-border partnerships);
    - Silicon Valley entrepreneur (Mission2Mars Academy, Indina-Consulting CEO & Founder);
    - Author, "CEO 2.0 - Innovative Leadership Training".

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  • Expand your inner circle and build relationships with some of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs


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