Women Leadership

About this program:


This is designed for all women who  wish to enhance their power and leadership.  This program tackles negotiation, team effectiveness and management  power and relationships, social networks, and influence, personal branding and career building.   

Who should attend?

Women executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business professionals preparing for their next career level.


What you will get:

  • You'll improve your leadership skills:
  • Develop a strategic vision of your future career
  • Learn effective techniques of employee management
  • Learn tools to communicate with power:
  • Master successful negotiation tactics –how to leverage influence and achieve win-win agreements
  • Learn tactics for building effective, supportive professional networks 
  • Acquire new tools to achieve balance and cultivate personal fulfillment
  • Build your  professional brand and career  strategy:
  • Develop your supportive network of women leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Gain the insights and skills you need for the next level of your leadership

Course program

  • Women leadership major concepts and ideas
  • Gender bias and gender psychology
  • Problems women face at the workplace
  • Setting your goals and being assertive in achieving them
  • Styles of women leadership in specific contexts
  • Power of connections -  building your networks.
  • Negotiating your deals
  • Keys to effective conflict resolution
  • Bulding your team
  • Personal brand and reputation of woman leader