Helping leaders and their teams innovate and go global:

For startups dreaming big:

If you are an ambitious startup, aiming to change the world with your ideas, we are here to help you succeed in taking your next step - whether it is finding your investors, building a stronger team, expanding your global networks, shaping your business model, branding your products, or winning your customers.  Having the right knowledge and professional expertise in hand, and learning from world’s best practices, multiplied by your talent, will bring you closer than ever to championing your victory.



For leaders pursuing their dreams:

Personal coaching will help you find new perspectives on your goals and challenges, enhance your work productivity, your performance and your motivation; it will also increase your confidence, and help you to push yourself beyond your limits.  It’s time to build the vision of your future, set your new goals, and accelerate what you are able to achieve.  Start your new success story today!

For businesses entering global markets:

 Indina-Consulting Business Communication Agency serves to help companies grow and outreach to global markets.  If you are a US company that is interested in bringing your business to Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, or the CIS, we will assist you in investigating local market opportunities, finding local partners, and connecting with your local customers.

We have a wide global network of high-profile experts and consultants to provide you with the best expertise and guidance.  Our research and consulting services will help your business to expand safely and prosper on a global scale. 

For companies aiming to lead innovation:

Disruptive innovation is changing businesses and industries.  To succeed in today’s highly competitive world, where technological innovation is setting the new rules of the game, a company has to be able to evolve quickly, in order to keep up with current trends.  Training & consulting on innovative development from leading experts can be the tool that will move your team and your company forward, to win the race and make a difference.

Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy:

We help businesses innovate by empowering them with top expertise from Silicon Valley