From Power Point to Power Presentation




Effective Presentation Skills training is an intensive one day training course which will help the participants to deliver presentations more effectively and successfully. The course is ideal for the speakers who already have experience of presenting or public speaking and now want to improve presentation delivery skills. Participants will be asked to prepare two short presentations (lasting roughly 5 minutes each) before the course, both of which they will deliver several times over the two days.


This training will help you:

- To present with confidence;

- Communicate more effectively;

- Enhance personal impact.

- Develop presence and impact

- Deliver with power and energy

- Succeed with all audiences


Training Program



Exercises to develop group rapport

Self perception of how others see you

Exercises to build confidence and warm up your voice


Presentation practice

First delivery of presentation one (2 min)

Feedback on strengths and areas for improvement


Using your voice effectively

Developing greater awareness of the voice

Speaking more confidently

Developing a more expressive voice


Creating a stronger presence

Creating an immediate impression

Awareness of the effect of body language

Using gesture to enhance your message

Using eye contact to build confidence and rapport


Presentation practice

Second delivery of presentation

Feedback through group discussion


Planning presentation

Structuring a presentation quickly

Opening and ending the presentation effectively

Maintaining a strong focus while delivering your presentation


Developing greater impact

Exercises to develop more conviction in the voice

Exercises for a more assertive delivery style


Influencing your audience

Building rapport with your audience

Using language to influence your audience

Techniques to aid audience recall


Dealing with questions

Managing the question and answer session

Dealing with difficult questions


Presentation practice

Modifying the material

Rehearsing presentation


Developing spontaneity

Interacting with the audience


Presentation Practice

Final delivery of presentation

Evaluation through group discussion


General feedback session

Individual evaluations by course tutor

Personal action plans



The participants will be provided course manual with all the training materials, packed with further practical advice and exercises to help them develop presentation skills further.


Each workshop comes with a free feedback and consultation for each participant.