Business Networking Advanced

About this program: 

Business networking (leveraging your business and personal connections) is critically important skill to succeed in highly interconnected world. This training course will teach you how apply effective business networking skills to build your career, find new partners, clients and business opportunities, enhance your current relationship with your business counterparts and become more confident in social interactions.

Who should attend:  

Entrepreneurs, startups, business professionals, managers, CEOs, business owners

and everybody who wishes to apply the power of networking to bring their  

                               communication skills to a new level. 


Course program: 

  • The concept and the power of networking
  • Developing a mindset of active networker
  • Key networking skills and techniques
  • How to initiate a conversation
  • How to make a first impression
  • How to find people you need
  • Networking at social  and business events
  • Online networking / Netiquette of social media networks
  • Building effective long term relationship with colleagues and partners
  • Networking skills in sales and pitching
  • Using networking skills to build a successful career