Motivation Unpowered


What this program is about? 


Motivation is a key determinant of performance. This course will teach you how to stay motivated in difficult times, help you discover your personal drivers of motivation and get rid of your demotivates. 

You will learn how to set goals correctly in order to achieve them, how to motivate others and develop positive entrepreneurial thinking that leads to success. 




          What you will get:

  • Learn key motivation theories and concepts.
  • Learn proven tactics for optimal performance 
  • Learn practical tips for motivating yourself and others
  • Learn specific tactics and techniques for motivation
  • Learn how to motivate yourself after a crisis or failure
  • Develop positive and success oriented thinking.

      Course program: 


Psychological theories of motivation

Encouraging Entrepreneurial Thinking

Linking Motivation to Performance

Steps to achieve Higher Performance

Setting your goals correctly

Unpowering your Drive and Direction

Helping others to be motivated / Effective techniques to motivate employees. 

Motivating People with Responsibility and Authority

How to inspire people for success

Identifying and ttacking demotivators

How to survive crisis and failure

Discovering personal success drivers