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    Get firsthand insights from disruptive innovators and top experts in any industry, and get on top of the latest trends and disruptive technologies impacting your business today.

    What is Executive Briefing?


    Executive Briefing is a customized online conference format (that can be delivered to where you are online via zoom), where your company can hear insightful presentations from 10 - 15 experts/ business practitioners/ startups, developing and implementing revolutionary technologies, and innovative solutions that your business can benefit from today.


    Based on your company’s specific goals we invite the best industry experts and practitioners to provide their review and summary on innovative trends and solutions that can be beneficial for your business, share practical applications and use cases of innovative technologies for your industry / your business / your company.


    This program is organized for corporate groups on-demand.



    Get connected to top innovative startups and tech geniuses developing unique technologies that can fuel your company's innovation agenda.


    Take an Insider’s look at the technologies reshaping your industry today and access to the most up-to-date best practices and relevant case studies.


    Get firsthand insights from top experts, selected to meet your innovation goals, get briefed on the latest industry trends, and emerging technologies and learn how they can impact your business today.


    We offer a fully customized program for each business, targeting your specific goals, featuring personalized presentations from startups and valuable Executive Briefing materials that you can share with your team.

    Some of our Featured Executive Briefings include:


    Executive Briefing on applications of NFT for your business.

    Executive Briefing on applications of the future of Blockchain / Crypto / Web3.

    Executive Briefing on applications of AI for your business.

    Executive Briefing on innovation trends in Real Estate.

    Executive Briefing on innovation trends in Insurtech.

    Executive Briefing on innovation trends of Healthtech.

    Executive Briefing on innovation trends in Fintech.

    Executive Briefing on the future of Transportation.

    Executive Briefing on the future of Work.

    Executive Briefing on the future of Marketing / Sales

    Executive Briefing on innovation trends in Management.

    Executive Briefing on innovation trends in Gaming and Entertainment.


    and other programs on-demand.


    How does it work?


    Booking an Executive Briefing for your company is an easy step by step process:


    Step 1: Fill in the form on this page to provide more details about your company and your innovation needs (what kind of technologies you want to learn about, what are questions you are seeking to find answers to).


    Step 2: We contact you to specify your request and immediately proceed to inviting relevant technology experts and startups for your Briefing. We reach out to our extended networks and the most unique companies from innovative ecosystems across the world to put together your 1 or 2-day program. We invite presenting companies and experts, put together your Briefing agenda, invite industry experts, and build the schedule.


    Step 3: All your company needs to do - is just to show up and attend Silicon Valley Executive Briefing online, where you can get valuable insights, ask your questions, build relationships and partnerships, and get startup presentations and inputs from our experts.


    Step 4: After attending the Executive Briefing you can continue collaborating with participating companies. We connect you directly with all the speakers and experts from your Briefing and provide all Executive Briefing materials for your future consideration.


    Build your Innovation Roadmap and discover new opportunities for your company's growth and innovation together

    with Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy in Silicon Valley.



    Request more information and consultation on Executive Briefing at : office@indina-consulting.com



    Organize your own custom designed online conference to meet top-notch experts and disruptive startups revolutionizing your industry today!

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    In 2021 Venture Capitalists invested $4.6B in NFT companies last year, up from only $145M in 2020, according to PitchBook.

    In March 2021 YugaLabs, the parent company of Bored Ape Yacht Club — a collection of NFTs featuring profiles of cartoon apes — announced a $450M funding round, led by A16z. That values the company $4B.

    In January 2022, NFTplatform Open Sea raised $300M, with a valuation of $13B.

    While Silicon Valley and global investors are in now on a race to source the next unicorn among NFT/ crypto startups and looting capital in Web3 - you shouldn't stay away from the next big thing coming.


    Join our new program for corporate leaders and investors "Executive Briefing on Crypto / Web3 / NFT" to learn about disruptive trends in Blockchain technology and its practical applications for your business.

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