Doing Business With ...

  About this program:


Knowing specifics of local culture is critical to developing successful business strategy and dealing effectively with partners and colleagues from another country.  In the course of this workshop you will get an overview of economic, political and business environment; learn about specifics of local culture: religion, history, language, beliefs and customs; better understand cultural values and attitudes that affect management and working styles for doing business with the particular country; you will practice communication styles when doing business with your counterparts; discover the potential challenges and solutions for doing business with the foreign country (see the list of the countries that this workshop can be focused at below).



Who should attend:


  • Global companies management willing to expand company’s presence in international markets;

  • Business personnel of International companies wishing to establish partnerships in specific country;

  • Businesses seeking cross cultural synergy between staff / teams;

  • Professionals relocating to another country for work;

  • Managers with foreign country’s staff;

  • PR, Marketing and advertising teams seeking for culture specific solutions;

  • Entrepreneurs, doing cross-border deals and partnerships;




A Brief Introduction to the Country


  • Culture & History

  • Politics & Economy

  • Demographics

  • Customs and traditions

  • Taboos/Etiquettes/Manners

  • Holidays & Special Occasions

  • Preparing for your trip


Navigating in Local Business Environment


  • Cultural values and National character

  • Management structures & hierarchy

  • Business culture at the workplace

  • Etiquette and Protocol of Business Meetings

  • Tips for Networking

  • Important factors of building relationships

  • Successful Negotiation Strategies

  • Specifics of Conflict Resolution


Cultural Effects on Business


  • Local specifics  to Consider in Your Global Strategy

  • Cultural Specifics of Customer Service

  • Cultural avenues for Sales & Marketing

  • Legal Aspects of Doing Business with …

  • Risks and Opportunities of Local Markets & Economy

What you will learn:


- What to be prepared to when working / travelling to the country

( socio-economic, cultural and historical background).

- How to manage culture and country shock

- Practical tips on living and working in the country

- Culture-specific social and business etiquette

- Traditions and values in business culture

- Tips for building successful relationships

- Tips for effective communication - verbal and non-verbal

- Tips for conducting business meetings and negotiations

- Tips for working in / with local companies

-  Understanding of management culture

-  Cultural specifics that needs to be considered when building marketing/ sales/ business scaling strategies.



Russia, China, US, Arab Emirates, Latin America (Brazil)

CIS countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus)

Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)

Western Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria)