Cross- Cultural Communication Training

About this workshop:


The role of culture in international business is now recognised as having a major impact on developing global strategies, applying tactics of international sales, marketing, branding recruitment, management and mergers.


Having effective communication skills is a must in any position, in any business. The ability to navigate through dealings with clients and colleagues across cultural lines opens doors in the business world.


Understanding and appreciating intercultural differences ultimately promotes clearer communication, breaks down barriers, builds trust, strengthens relationships, opens horizons and yields tangible results in terms of business success.


During this training course, participants will learn the secrets of

communication across cultures, specifics of working, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from different cultural backgrounds.


Participants will have the opportunity to reflect and expand their knowledge and intercultural experience; become more culturally self-aware of how to sharpen their communication skills to achieve success on international stage.



Who should attend:


Everybody who is interested/ engaged in issues of international collaboration/ intercultural communication.

This course is for you if:

You and your staff are increasingly working across cultures

You are interacting with foreign counterparts, clients or suppliers

You are involved in intercultural projects and programmes




Definitions of culture

  • Components and levels of culture

  • Typologies of cultures: Mono chronic vs. Poly chronic cultures

  • Low context vs. High context cultures

  • Norms, values and basic assumptions of various cultures

  • Developing key skills for Cross-Cultural Competence:

  • Dealing with cross cultural (mis)perceptions and stereotypes


Understanding Diversity :

» Race

» Nationality

» Religion

» Values

» Traditions

» Communication


Cultural Impact on Business:

  • Building inter-personal and business relationships across the cultures

  • Working in intercultural teams

  • Management styles and behavior at the workplace

  • Inter-cultural conflict prevention and resolution

  • Understanding customers behavior on international markets


What you will get?


  • Imrove your cultural awareness and tolerance;

  • Develop important cultural competence skills: open mindedness, tolerance sensitivity and empathy;

  • Break down cultural barriers, learn how to avoid cultural stereotypes, prejudices and preconceptions;

  • Be able to understand cultural differences in the workplace and social contexts;

  • Enhance your inter-cultural business and professional communication skills;

  • Be able to build trust, better understanding, effective business and personal relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds;

  • Open your new horizons, you will make a next step in developing your international career;

  • Build confidence for dealing effectively in different cultural contexts and situations.