Creative & Innovative Thinking Workshop

What this program is about:


Staying a leader in highly competitive world, requires understanding the concept of innovation and sophistication in applying innovative methods to disrupt your  business.


This course will teach you how to develop innovative and creative thinking and apply it to solving problems and designing innovative products, business models and solutions, will help you foster a culture that sparks inspiration and drive innovation in your team or organization.


You’ll examine the frameworks that market-leading companies use to build innovation into their business approach. You’ll learn how to develop winning strategies and strengthen your organization’s capacity to drive innovation. You’ll learn how to build breakthroughs—strategies that disrupt markets.



Who should  attend:


Decision makers from any industry, startups, entrepreneurs, founders & CEOs,


What you will get:


  • Better understanding of the concept of innovation, key innovative trends and their effects on business
  • Develop skills of innovative thinking and generating innovative ideas
  • Learn how to produce, evaluate and select new ideas
  • Apply creative thinking techniques to foster innovation and improve systems, products and processes
  • Gain practical tools for incorporating creative thinking into day-to-day processes
  • Develop ability to manage innovation and change and overcome barriers to innovation success
  • Develop Innovation leadership skills
  • Improve your team’s collective abilities to produce innovative solutions and strategies
  • Learn how to foster culture that inspires innovation
  • Identify practices that help promote creative thinking and innovation within your team and organization