Our Mission:


Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy LLC is an international business consulting company, based in San Мateo, CA.


Our team works with startups and corporations from around the world, providing educational and consulting services, empowering them with best expertise on technology and innovation from Silicon Valley.


Top level experts from Silicon Valley (mentors, CEOs, startup founders, technology specialists) teach  turn-key solutions and best practices to help businesses accelerate innovative transformation and make a difference on local and global markets.


Indina-Consulting practical workshops and transformational training programs are designed to empower your team with new tools and skill sets to bring your leadership to the new level.


We engage with top industry experts to help you master your business strategies and design new business models.


We connect our clients with best mentors, advisors, consultants in Silicon Valley  to help them build impactful partnerships, to accelerate innovation in Silicon Valley and beyond.



Tatiana Indina



Tatiana A. Indina (Ph.D.) is a CEO of Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy; she is an international level experts on leadership and innovation, executive & team coach, mentor and author.


She has over 12 years of training & consulting experience. Her professional portfolio includes diverse projects of working with global corporations, government organizations, start-ups, universities and research centers. 


Tatiana has a successful track record working with C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies across different industries - in Silicon Valley and globally.  As a mentor she advised to a number of startups and entrepreneurs in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and North America.


Tatiana was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, DC), and a Visiting Fellow at the Berkman Center, at Harvard University.  As an academic scholar she was involved in a number of impactful global projects, including UNESCO, UN, working on issues of digital rights and Internet governance.


Tatiana has solid experience in teaching  leadership & change management courses at international business schools and MBA programs, consulting governments and top business leaders. 

She frequently speaks at International events and conferences & has published extensively on the topics of startups & innovation, internet and technology, innovative leadership and entrepreneurship, organizational change and development.  As a business trainer and speaker, she is known for engaging and inspiring her audiences.


Tatiana has written 5 books and over 50 research papers. Her latest book, “CEO 2.0”, addresses the problem of developing key competencies for the next generation of leaders, that will determine their success in digital age. She is currently working on her next book and media project, “CEO 3.0,” about the innovative trends that are disrupting the world today. 


You can email Tatiana, contact her via LinkedIn, follow on Twitter.