Our Mission:

Indina-Consulting LLC is an international business communication, training & consulting agency.

We work with global corporations and technology startups from around the world. We design and provide unique workshops and training programs that help Silicon Valley startups and visitors from all over the world to accelerate innovation and succeed in the global arena.

Our programs help startups and entrepreneurs achieve outstanding results by developing their innovative thinking, teamwork and decision making, and presentation, communication and leadership skills. We help them to unlock their creative potential and raise their business performance rocket-high.

We deliver customer-designed educational programs for corporate clients that help employees develop important cross-cultural communication and teamwork skills, and raise them to a new level.

We provide high-level consulting in entering new markets (US, Central Europe, CIS, and Central Asia), and in developing successful business strategies and establishing new reliable partnerships.

We bridge the gap between continents, helping to build successful international partnerships across cultures. We promote intercultural tolerance, and the best practices of business ethics.  We help businesses and their leaders to grow global.

Indina-Consulting CEO:  Tatiana Indina, PhD

Tatiana A.Indina is the CEO and founder of Indina-Consulting Business Communication Agency. Tatiana is an international professional in business training & consulting.  She holds her PhD in Social Psychology from the Russian Academy of Education, and is the winner of multiple national-level grants & awards for her research in Russia.  In 2012, Tatiana was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, DC), and in 2014 she was a Visiting Fellow at the Berkman Center, at Harvard University.  Tatiana has solid experience in teaching  leadership & communication courses at international business schools and MBA programs, and consulting with international companies & leaders.  Her professional portfolio includes diverse projects of working with small businesses, startups, big corporations, NGOs, political leaders & international organizations.  She is a great traveller and a true cosmopolitan.   Born and raised in Central Asia, Tatiana has travelled and worked in Eastern & Western Europe, North America & even Australia; she has a global vision of innovation, and great cross-cultural competences which she promotes through her educational programs.

Tatiana is also the author of 5 books and over 50 research papers. Her latest book, CEO 2.0, is about innovation & entrepreneurship, and the role of the Internet & technology in transforming today’s businesses & leaders.  Tatiana is often an invited speaker at International Conferences worldwide.  She is currently working on her next book and media project, “CEO 3.0,” about the trends in innovation & global leadership, and which will provides training & consulting for startups & entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and Russia. You can email Tatiana, contact her via LinkedIn, follow on Twitter.